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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Day To All Those Who Search For $$$

Hello! It's been a busy week as I am a Chef at a very busy restaurant. Here's something to try today for FREE! It's called "Pageswirl" and it's a rotator. If your are unsure what a rotator is then here you go! A rotator is a URL that rotates multiple Splash pages or websites. Pageswirl for FREE members allows you to use up to "5" websites or Splashpages! For example take the five URL's that you would like to promote in a Traffic Exchange or say Vinefire or Trafficnowfire and plug them into Pageswirl. They will give you a single URL back! This saves you tonnes of time and makes sure that your different websites are being advertised (pretty cool eh!) Any ways it's a beautiful day outside! Gotta go for now. I'll be back this afternoon to give you all something else. I'll check back with all of you:) Smiles and Chuckles (drew666) Oh and heres the link for your FREE signup @ Pageswirl try it you'll love it! http://adtrack.trafficwave.net/t.pl/36125/177134

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